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Residential and Commercial Electrical Contractors

The only constant is change.

Green Edge Technologies is a small, nimble electrical consulting company with extensive experience in alternative electrical supply technologies. Our goal is to remain on the leading edge of change so our customers remain viable in a rapidly changing world.

The Green Edge Technologies strategy is to have a core operating group which has links to qualified, competent and trusted personnel to draw upon on an as required basis.

Core competencies include

Residential solar

With the huge interest in residential solar, the market is being flooded by cheap systems sold by sales companies with no quality control over the installation. All of our installs are completed by full time employees of Green Edge Technologies so you can be assured that the company you buy the system from will be the company who installs your system.

Off grid systems

Small business off grid systems in metropolitan and regional Victoria. Integrated Battery back up and diesel generator can be designed.

Large corporate integrated solar systems

Large integrated solar systems, (most recently a 200kW system in regional Victoria). In installation of this scale the system requires experienced electrical engineering for the reactive switchboards and correct system operation.

Voltage and Phase optimisation

Lead project management and Installation of voltage and phase optimisation systems for campus and corporate Australia. This service is offered Australia wide.

Power Factor Correction

Improving the PF can maximize current-carrying capacity, improve voltage to equipment, reduce power losses, and lower electric bills. The simplest way to improve power factor is to add PF correction capacitors to the electrical system.

Consultancy options

Should you be considering a significant reengineering of your supply technologies Green Edge Technologies will provide a thorough report on your existing infrastructure and what will be required to ensure continuity of supply.

As part of the service Green Edge Technologies can provide a report on your current supply requirements and how to minimise electrical bills while often providing increased businesses efficiency.

Should you select Green Edge Technologies to procure and install your new system all consultancy fees will be waived

Reasonable initial consultations are free of charge.

If you are serious about moving ahead, containing and reducing your costs and adapting your business to the future, start now.

The only constant is change. Let us help you manage it