Thank you for purchasing the Green Edge Technologies Solar Solution.
Should you have friends who you think could benefit from our solutions, particularly in these times of increasing power bills, please consider recommending our service.
Word of mouth recommendations are the best and we are happy to pay you for every friend or colleague who purchases a system through us as well.

Two simple steps.

  1. Leave a review on our site and we will send you a referral code.
  2. Refer your friend or colleague to Green Edge Technologies and ask them to use that code.

That’s it. Simple.

If your referral converts to a job, we will then send you a $50 eftpos gift card. Should your friend then recommend another person then as an additional thank you, we will send you another $25 gift card.
You will see these referral amounts tally up on this page and you can redeem the card or cards whenever you like.
You could, if you choose, send the cards to your favourite charity or; store the cards and we will redeem the value of that card on electrical work that you may want completed at your home.

Once again.
Thank you for using Green Edge Technologies.


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